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For Kristin, an ode to Ventura

When I left Midtown, I was mostly relieved. I was freshly pregnant and just wanted to remove myself from my old life for a while. But a part of me knew that I would lose a connection to all of … Continue reading

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Around here lately…

Mondays are so different for me now than when I had a full-time job. Before, I dreaded them. It meant the end of weekends. No more hopping around different bars, no more brunch, no more fun. Just work. But when … Continue reading

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Design Inspiration: Folk Art

Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed – Wikipedia Writing is the only subject I continually got good grades in from grade school through College, and it has … Continue reading

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The Living Situation: A Very Minted Christmas

Now that we have all of the walls painted in the kids’ room and their furniture is assembled and in their rooms, the real fun begins – decorating their rooms! I have hung up some things in Cecilia’s room and … Continue reading

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It’s coming together

Bit by bit, we have been working away at making this house home. Cecilia’s birthday is next weekend (gah!) and I would like this place to feel a little warmer than it does now. While the walls and trim are … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

There is so much going on this holiday season that have decided to break down the holiday gift guide I’m working on. I’ll be sharing a little of everything every week for the next few weeks, including holiday sales and … Continue reading

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Homemade Holidays: DIY Swap – An update

I can barely contain my excitement for the Homemade Holidays: DIY Swap at Shine on Sunday! It’s my first time hosting something like this, and I love how it’s all coming together. There have been some changes since my last … Continue reading

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Friday Finds

As I was going over our calendar and how many weeks we have until Thanksgiving, Cecilia’s birthday, Christmas and Freddy’s arrival, I literally gasped. It’s crazy. I’ve started making lists. All kinds of lists. Home project lists, craft lists, gift … Continue reading

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Homemade Holidays: Craft and Food Swap

Last year, I bought Kate Payne’s Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking and learned about food swapping. Through her site, I found the Food Swap Network and researched how to hold my own food swap. But here’s the thing. There are … Continue reading

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Hometown Tourist

Nowadays, it’s very rare that I get out and explore. Even in my own town. Our days already feel so packed as it is, and with a toddler, it can take a few hours to prepare for just one hour … Continue reading

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