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I have quite the history, but my days of partying came to an end when I became a stay at home mom to a beautiful girl. I write about my adventures in domestication, with everything from baking, cooking, crafting, gardening, starting my own business and more.

August and Inspiration

I’ve gone back and forth with blogging so many times, it was beginning to feel pointless. I don’t keep up with it like I should (mostly because every time I sit to write, someone needs me…and those someones will always … Continue reading

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Hello, May

Ah, May. You are so underrated. After all, according to the children’s rhyme, you do bring the flowers. And the seasonal Farmers Markets, and the bikes, and the margaritas and of course…Mama’s Day. We have been spending a lot more … Continue reading

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For Kristin, an ode to Ventura

When I left Midtown, I was mostly relieved. I was freshly pregnant and just wanted to remove myself from my old life for a while. But a part of me knew that I would lose a connection to all of … Continue reading

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Around here lately…

Mondays are so different for me now than when I had a full-time job. Before, I dreaded them. It meant the end of weekends. No more hopping around different bars, no more brunch, no more fun. Just work. But when … Continue reading

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collected: vintage treasures in elk grove

When I first started blogging, I read that if you take a break for an extended amount of time, you should not start your “hey, I’m back” post by going into detail about why you’ve been gone. If you read … Continue reading

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Local love: Sacramento Beer Week

I still remember the first Sacramento Beer Week. It was five years ago, I was living in Midtown and had no plan of having kids anytime soon. I was single and down to party. I don’t remember there being a … Continue reading

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Design Inspiration: Folk Art

Folk Art is characterized by a naive style, in which traditional rules of proportion and perspective are not employed – Wikipedia Writing is the only subject I continually got good grades in from grade school through College, and it has … Continue reading

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Creative Workspace Update

Going from one to two kids will seriously mess with you. You are so deeply in love with this new addition to your home, but you are exhausted from trying to balance your time spent with the new little one … Continue reading

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The Living Situation: An Update

The day before our daughter’s birthday in early December, we finally started decorating our house. Then we decorated some more before we hosted Christmas Eve. If we just keep inviting family over for every occasion, our house could be all … Continue reading

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For the New Year

Today, we are taking down our holiday decorations, cleaning out old stuff to welcome the new and all in all regrouping from the last couple of weeks. I have come to really love and appreciate all the time spent with … Continue reading

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