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I have quite the history, but my days of partying came to an end when I became a stay at home mom to a beautiful girl. I write about my adventures in domestication, with everything from baking, cooking, crafting, gardening, starting my own business and more.

It’s coming together

Bit by bit, we have been working away at making this house home. Cecilia’s birthday is next weekend (gah!) and I would like this place to feel a little warmer than it does now. While the walls and trim are … Continue reading

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DIY Chronicles, Vol. 2

“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try it again” -Aaliyah This post is a little late, but it got crazy last week and I just wrapped up my projects over the weekend. I still wanted to … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide, Vol. 1

There is so much going on this holiday season that have decided to break down the holiday gift guide I’m working on. I’ll be sharing a little of everything every week for the next few weeks, including holiday sales and … Continue reading

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Homemade Holidays: DIY Swap – An update

I can barely contain my excitement for the Homemade Holidays: DIY Swap at Shine on Sunday! It’s my first time hosting something like this, and I love how it’s all coming together. There have been some changes since my last … Continue reading

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Yo Momma Monday: Nikki Stern

Earlier this year, I met Nikki Stern – a local Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach – through Instagram and I felt so inspired by everything she does. At 33, she’s a mom to her four-year-old son Jackson, a cook and … Continue reading

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Friday Finds

As I was going over our calendar and how many weeks we have until Thanksgiving, Cecilia’s birthday, Christmas and Freddy’s arrival, I literally gasped. It’s crazy. I’ve started making lists. All kinds of lists. Home project lists, craft lists, gift … Continue reading

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The DIY Chronicles

When I moved all of my craft supplies and half-finished projects from what is now Freddy’s room to my craft palace in the backyard, I could not deny it anymore. I have way too many unfinished projects. A feeling a … Continue reading

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Crafting a Holiday Gift Guide

If anyone understands the plight of a babe on a budget during the holiday season, it’s me. And I also understand when you have the best of intentions of only buying from local or and/or handmade businesses or making your … Continue reading

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Life is good at GOOD

Yesterday, I did something I hadn’t done before. And I felt pretty terrible that it was my first time doing it. I went to the GOOD Design Market in Sacramento. It’s a local marketplace featuring makers of print, food, soap, … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

After today, the virtual world as we know it will change. No more funny costume posts, no more pumpkins being painted or carved, the pumpkin recipes will start trickling away (except from here…they will always be here). We will start … Continue reading

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