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Thrifty Thursdays: Halloween Edition!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hi friends! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet as I have some last-minute costume preparations and decorations I need to get to! In true Thrifty Thursday fashion, I wanted to share some awesome pumpkin recipes … Continue reading

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My Creative Business Journey

A few years ago, a friend told me that she wanted to get into food photography. I chuckled to myself a little because I could not imagine for the life of me how hard food photography would be. I previously … Continue reading

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Fitness Fest: MyYogaPro

Today, I’m taking a little note from Elizabeth on Delightfully Tacky. She shared her experience with yoga on her blog the other day, and it totally rang true with me. I also started taking yoga when I was in College … Continue reading

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Yo Momma Monday: Alison Butler

Meet Alison Butler, 31, from Newfoundland, Canada. She is a beautiful mama who recently launched her shop The Petit Cadeau, which is centered around celebrating and creating traditions. She creates handmade heirloom celebration countdown calendars for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and … Continue reading

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Weekly Wishes #2

Last week I started a new weekly series called Weekly Wishes that I found on a pretty amazing site, The Nectar Collective. It’s a weekly link-up where participants write a post (such as this) and link it up to the … Continue reading

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My first knitting project

Today I’m going to share my first knitting project with you as part of my participation in the Your First Knitting Project: Blog It to Win It contest through Interweave! Participants also get to choose up to five products they … Continue reading

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Fridays are for Favorites

With Halloween a little less than a week away, I figured it was high time for me to do the obligatory Halloween post. Since we’ve had our share of the Halloween costumes, crafts, printables, recipes and party ideas by now, … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursdays

I have always had an affinity for old, beat-up mens belts. Back before Ed Hardy was let loose into the world of belt design. Before “No Fear,” before flames showed up on everything, and even though I love a good … Continue reading

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Meet the Maker: Stacie Grissom

Meet Stacie Grissom, 25, from New York City. She runs Stars for Streetlights, which also happens to be one of the very first blogs that I fell in love with when I got more involved with crafting and blogging last … Continue reading

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Gettin Fit: Old Clothes Challenge

Baby, it’s cold outside. And when it’s cold outside…a few things start happening. We skip a couple days of shaving (ok, maybe that’s just me), we wear more and more clothes and…we suddenly forget about our diets and go buckwild … Continue reading

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